Standard Range

The insulation revolution

We’re revolutionising the insulated packaging world with our multi award-winning range of Woolcool insulated boxes and insulated mailing pouches. Woolcool sustainable packaging is manufactured on a commercial scale to meet the increasing demands of international markets. It is supplied flat packed and is much less bulky that the current alternatives. It snugly cushions fragile contents to prevent breakages in transit, without additional void packaging.

Standard range

We specially designed a standard range of Woolcool insulated packaging for direct deliveries of a whole host of temperature sensitive items, such as pharmaceutical products and chilled and frozen foods.

Woolcool insulated food boxes are available in standard sizes which are suitable for direct deliveries and by courier as well as cold chain distribution. Woolcool insulated liners combined with rigid, recycled, flat packed, brown cardboard boxes make-up the complete Woolcool solution. Alternative colour and branding options are available.

Pouch and postal packs

Woolcool pouches are ideal for sending one or two speciality food items in the post or within an ambient food box or hamper. Alternatively, Woolcool postal packs are available in A3 or A4 size or long enough to fit a whole salmon. Both products are made from white polyethylene with an extra secure 15mm self-adhesive strip. Woolcool pouches are also available with clip-together handles as ready-to-go cool bags.

Fully tested

We’ve rigorously tested Woolcool insulated packaging and have the facts and stats to prove our products consistently outperform conventional methods for transporting both pharmaceuticals and chilled and frozen foods at more stable temperatures for longer.