Sustainable materials

Our Woolcool products are primarily made from wool and cardboard/paper based materials, some of which are from recycled sources. These are renewable and compostable/recyclable.

Wool is one of the most sustainable natural materials, being available in abundance as a by-product of rearing sheep. In addition, Woolcool is only made using the waste wool (the underbelly) of the sheep.

We also use a small amount of polyethylene as a protective layer which is derived from fossil fuels. Whilst this is recyclable we are actively looking to replace these with a plant based alternative.

Meet your commitments

Woolcool insulated packaging products help companies and consumers reduce, re-use and recycle packaging as set out by the Government and following guidelines by The Australian Packaging Covenant.

The wool insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.

The MDPE film used to enclose the fleece and the LDPE envelopes used for Woolcool pouches are recyclable at soft plastics recycling drop off locations. The cardboard delivery boxes contain some recycled content (OJI Packaging claim that 71% or 203,563 tonnes of waste paper and cardboard collected was processed into paper products and further processed into fibre based packaging solutions in New Zealand and Australia). In addition, our delivery boxes can be recycled via kerbside recycling and local waste facilities.

For more information visit (http://www.ojifs.com/publications/).

In most cases Woolcool products are suitable to be re-used several times.

Making a difference

Since 2016, Woolcool has supplied 4 million liners (two million sets) in Australia and 1.2 million liners (600,000 sets) in New Zealand. As a result, a significant amount of non-biodegradable plastic packaging waste has been saved from landfill by Australians and Kiwis switching to Woolcool.

Woolcool flat packed products offer massive logistical and transportation benefits, for businesses and the environment – 6000 units of Woolcool can be delivered in just 1x40ft trucks in contrast to 4x40ft trucks for the equivalent conventional products.

Environmentally sound processing

Wool is sourced and processed specifically for making Woolcool to ensure it doesn’t contain additives, such as borate or polyester, found in other types of wool insulation.

Woolcool fleeces are washed and scoured in accordance with PPC regulations and ISO14001 environmental management systems, without the need for extreme temperatures, chemical treatments or additives. Beneficial by-products of the washing and scouring process include a nitrate and mineral rich sludge which is used as natural fertiliser or made into biodegradable slug pellets. The washed fleece is garneted, needle-felted and cut into strips which are hygienically sealed within polyethylene film with micro-perforations to allow the hygroscopic function.