Sustainable packaging insulation

Sheep’s wool is a sustainable and highly effective natural insulation material which we have used to design and develop Woolcool environmentally responsible packaging products and packaging solutions, offering impressive performance and cost benefits.

Rigorous testing to industry standards in our own testing facilities supported by independent trials consistently proves that Woolcool insulated packaging will keep contents at required constant temperatures for longer than conventional packaging.






How Woolcool works

Our ingenious Woolcool designers have pioneered the use of wool as a natural ‘smart fibre’ for the design and manufacture of high performance, environmentally responsible insulated packaging, as a superior alternative to conventional materials.

Wool fibres are hygroscopic, which means they absorb and release moisture, a natural thermostat that maintains stable temperatures. Their complex structure and natural properties mean that they cope with extremes of cold and heat. We’ve cleverly harnessed the smart fibre properties for Woolcool by felting and sealing pure wool in breathable film to create simply ingenious insulation for our food delivery boxes and pouches.

Set for scale

Woolcool packaging is manufactured on a commercial scale to meet the increasing demands of international markets. It is supplied flat packed and is much less bulky that the current alternatives, and has no punitive cost implications regarding waste disposal.

Wool insulated packaging is more sustainable and therefore better for the environment than expanded polystyrene (EPS) based products which are derived from fossil fuels. This makes it a more socially responsible choice for your Corporate Social Responsibility.

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